programsAndServicesLinksIndividuals and families participate in life changing activities that promote greater independence and empower them to adopt skills that are essential to improving their quality of life. “From womb to career” highlights the fact that it is very common for mothers to utilize our programs from when they become pregnant throughout their children’s schooling. Dedicated program participation and “word of mouth” reference to our services validates that Adelante is trusted and valued by our clients and the community.

Our strong community presence, bi-lingual staff, and culturally-sensitive services has built a trusted relationship with the Latino community as well as with the entire community to serve all low-to-moderate (LMI) income individuals who need our services. We identify community services gaps based on unaddressed needs of the LMI Latino population. Adelante advocates for the Latino community and ensures access to equitable resources empowering individuals with academic, economic and life skills.

We identify community services gaps based on unaddressed needs of the low-to-moderate income (LMI) target population, especially for the Hispanic community, identified by community assessments, forums, and Adelante’s client data and feedback. Our services are enhanced with the assistance of various private and public partners representing corporations, government, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, and philanthropists.