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1. VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax charged at each stage of production or supply of goods and services. It is imposed by the government of any country that has adopted Value-Added Tax (VAT). In some countries, VAT is collected at various points along the value chain, including at wholesale, retail, and other stages.

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2. A VAT return is filed annually by businesses that are subject to VAT. This includes both individuals and companies.

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3. A VAT audit is conducted by the government to ensure that the taxpayer is complying with the rules and regulations.

4. An internal audit is a type of audit performed by a company's own staff.

5. A VAT consultant is someone who helps a business understand how to comply with the laws and regulations surrounding VAT.

6. A CFO Services in Dubai is a service provided by a company's finance department to help manage the financial aspects of the business.


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